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What We Do

Custom Millwork

We partner your architects, designers and commercial construction team with our engineering team and expert craftsmen to produce any custom structure your project requires (reception desks, ceiling elements, decorative pieces, etc.).

Trim & Mouldings

Created with an artisan touch, we design, manufacture, and install custom trim and molding to add the perfect finishing touch to your project. From traditional to ornate, we can manufacture and install it.

Desks & Ornamental Fixtures

We build commercial desks and ornamental fixtures to your dimensions and specifications, providing design assistance where needed to give your space the distinctive image and feel you are looking for.

Wall Paneling

We custom design and build wall panels to your specifications, producing the highest end finishes (book match, slip match, high gloss, integrated custom elements, etc.).

Ceiling Features

Wood, metal, and fiberglass ceiling installations add a beautiful architectural touch to any project. If you dream it, we can bring your dream to life with stunning appeal. No matter the size of your budget, USAM DC has the perfect solution!

Commercial Casework

Our casework meets the demanding standards established by the Architectural Woodwork Institute and can be produced from established designs. Additionally, we can assist in designing unique casework, incorporating glass, specialty veneers and laminates to stamp each product with its own unique character.

Custom Staircase

A monumental staircase is the centerpiece of a multilevel interior. USAM DC can seamlessly integrate decorative finishes with structural elements to create a functional and beautiful feature.

Laboratory & Technology Casework

Innovative functional design is a necessity for laboratory and technology casework. We have a catalog of products to select from or can create custom science-based work spaces to meet your needs for storage and work solutions. All of our casework meets Division 12 specifications and exceeds typical industry standards.

Custom Seating

The modern office space is warm, comfortable and inviting. USAM DC can provide customized seating features that will integrate into your space. Banquettes, stadium seating, built in booths; if your design concept includes seating, we can build it!

How We Do It

Project Management

Each client works closely with a dedicated Project Manager who ensures that projects move efficiently from contract approval through to final delivery and installation. Our experienced team of Project Managers are in constant communication with our customers, timely identifying and solving any potential hurdles that may arise throughout the project. Their dedication and ownership of projects guarantees that projects are completed on time and on budget.


We assist in project budgeting by providing detailed bids that clarify and level scope across bidders. We work with our customers to value engineer each project to meet budget without sacrificing function, design or style.


We provide design assistance, material samples, mock ups, templates and detailed drawings until you are comfortable that the products will fit your needs in both form and function. We have an in house team of drafters and engineers with deep and diverse industry experience.

Material Integration

We manage a wide scope, so that you don’t have to. Our Project Managers coordinate with our extensive network of subcontractors and specialty vendors to integrate stone, glass, and metal into your interior finish. We will also proactively manage the supply chain to identify and eliminate any threats to your project schedule.


We have a dedicated on-staff field team and each project is assigned a jobsite foreman and superintendent. This care and oversight ensures that all products are delivered and installed in prime condition. We are proud to partner with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters who have helped us assemble a team of the most talented craftsmen in the region. We pride ourselves in our ability to coordinate with the other trades on site to help you deliver projects on time and on budget.

Markets We Serve


Creating work spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional is what we do. Working with our clients, we create warm, inviting spaces. We match the expertise of our design team and project managers with technology and a diverse supply chain to deliver environments that exceed expectations.

Senior Living Communities

We understand that over the past couple of decades, the standard for Senior Life Planned Communities has been raised. Our team can deliver the warm, inviting and high-quality environment these facilities deserve.


Great design and functional furniture can transform a space into an inviting atmosphere conducive to conversation and commerce. From cool decor to functional seating, we have deep experience converting commercial spaces into functional and appealing corporate spaces. We work with the wide-range of designs and materials that are necessary to deliver the perfect atmosphere, whether it’s warm and elegant or cool and eye-catching.


No matter what the size, we have the solutions. Our projects meet Division 6 and Division 12 specifications, giving you the confidence that we can manage large volumes of work while adhering to high quality standards to complete your job right and on time. We also partner with our sister company, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors, to deliver large volume orders of residential kitchen and bath cabinetry.


Our casework meets the high standards established by the Architectural Woodwork Institute. USAM DC can produce from established designs or help customers design unique casework tor their one-of-a kind projects. Our specialty items include manufactured wood and specialty casework for kitchens, nurse stations, break rooms, reception desks, conference rooms, display cases, and much more.


USAM DC’s can help bring your elaborate designs to life. We have worked extensively with movie theaters, restaurants, casinos and performance spaces to deliver the perfect ambiance and enhanced acoustics that these spaces demand.
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